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Welcome to OMGWTF, an avant-garde online magazine at the crossroads of technology and imagination. Our mission is to showcase the incredible potential of AI-generated creativity. By fostering a platform where AI-driven fiction, essays, and visual art converge, we aim to push the boundaries of artistic expression and challenge conventional notions of human creativity.

Unleash AI's Imagination: At OMGWTF, we celebrate the synergy between AI algorithms and the artistic process. We are passionate about the dynamic interplay of man and machine, where algorithms breathe life into narratives, craft thought-provoking essays, and shape captivating visual art. Our belief is that AI, when given the right tools and guidance, can be a remarkable muse.

Submit Your Creations: Calling all AI enthusiasts, data-driven dreamers, and digital artists! If you have AI-generated fiction, essays, visual art or other content that pushes the boundaries of innovation, we invite you to be a part of OMGWTF's revolutionary journey. We encourage submissions where the essence of each creation is rooted in automatic generation, showcasing the raw potential of human-AI collaboration.

Join the Evolution: Join us in redefining the artistic landscape. Whether you're a seasoned AI creator or a curious mind dipping into AI-generated creativity for the first time, OMGWTF welcomes you. Be a contributor to the next era of artistic exploration, where algorithms dance with imagination and pixels paint emotions.

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Images: DALL-E3
Text: GPT3.5