We are building a fairy village
in the heart of Europe.

Yes, an actual fairy village to live in & visit.
witches' tavern · adventurers' inn
sorceror's tower · mines · dungeons
magical gardens for weird plants & mushrooms
water mill · charburners' hut · tree houses
alchemist's lab · temples · hermitage
smithy · grimoire shop · healer's hut
canals · house boats · ...add your own!

Do you want to...
breed weird plants · live as a witch
be a literal troglodyte or forest fairy
dream up & build & play weird instruments
have a business idea that could fit right in there
live in a unique magical place · ... ?
Rent a place in the fairy village
or come visit for a weekend.

Now hiring:
concept artists · landscape designers
architects · engineers · dreamers


Manifesto coming 2024 from Hubris Publishing